There is a love, a power called football

Temporarily setting aside his career to fulfill the woman’s mission, after 2 years, love and the power of passion once again prompted Pham Hoang Quynh to decide to leave his family to go on the road, continue to conquer passion. charm.

Love is not “on vacation”

“I crave football!” On the last day of the year, I received a text message from Hoang Quynh with only four words and I believe that this girl will not be able to give up this “digital shorts” career, when it is not simply passion. And then in the days starting in 2021, Quynh officially returned to play Phong Phu Ha Nam football club.

“Over 2 years to go back, it’s not an easy thing. The thing that worries me the most is being away from family, especially the princess who is almost 2 years old. My family loves football so when I know I intend to come back and support me, only Mr. Thang is a bit worried when the couple both go to football will be very guilty, but in the end he still agrees. and share for your wife to continue to choose… ”- Quynh reported the good news at the beginning of the year.

Hoang Quynh and Ngoc Thang are the beautiful love story of Vietnamese football. They fell in love with ASIAD 2014 in Korean soil. At that time, Quynh wore the Vietnam Women’s Team and Ho Ngoc Thang was a U.23 player in Vietnam. The two teams are placed in the same hotel, they meet, have feelings for each other. However, it was almost 4 years after meeting that fate that Quynh and Thang officially came together. They have a very happy small family, with a very lovely daughter.

The first days of being a mother made Quynh very surprised. The brave girl on the field must practice getting used to taking care of her children, taking care of everything different from training and competing after years of football since she was a teenager. Then, family life just went by, with familiar cycles and gradually for 2 years …

“The time I spent away from football I miss so much, I miss the smell of grass, of shoes and football. The times I played with my teammates on the field, moments of joy and tears, I just confided to my husband. When seeing Tuyet Dung, Hai Yen … bring joy to the audience, bring glory to the country, I just wish I could make a small part … “- Quynh said. Seeing that Vietnamese women’s football has made great progress, the great successes of the teammates, the “mother nuggets milk” has more motivation to be determined to return.

In the early days, Quynh met many difficulties when he was just born, and weakened in physical strength, it was difficult to keep up with his young teammates. Tuyet Dung encouraged and actively helped seniors when joining Ha Nam football team. And the club also creates conditions for young mothers to visit their children every weekend …

And the inspiration named Quỳnh “Lady”

“I thought a lot and regretted my actions. Immediately after that incident, I apologized to the coaching staff and the fans, I always regret that why I didn’t stop my teammates and lost my temper so I still wanted to do something … “. When he comes back to football, there is now a very different, mature and mature Hoang Quynh.

During the journey to pursue football, Quynh encountered many “mess” both inside and on the sidelines of the field. Miss “Miss soccer” has been subjected to many criticisms and severe punishment for fighting on the field. Every day the incident, Quynh is the captain of Vietnam Coal and Mineral, 1 in 5 players must receive a penalty for participating in the fight at Thong Nhat Stadium in the semifinals of the 2018 Women’s National Championship with Ho Chi Minh City I. She was suspended for 5 months, fined 10 million VND, until now, when she reminds her of the past, Quynh can only regret it.

“When I returned to training, I knew I had to try many times more than my teammates because I was not young and gave birth to a baby, so my fitness decreased. Every training session, I always remind myself to try harder, focus more and more determination. I remember good memories with football, what I get from the sport as a motivation. I always want to look forward to a better future… ”.

This comeback is also an unforgettable memory for Hoang Quynh, this is her first Tet wearing Ha Nam’s shirt, but the epidemic has made the way home very difficult.

“The first Tet when I returned to play football was not very goo, due to the epidemic, I was able to return to my family early, this year my small family had Tet at my mother’s house, but my house in Quang Ninh It was an outbreak so it was strictly blocked, it must be said a sad Tet. In 1 or 2 days, the team will focus, but I can’t go out yet, maybe continue to run to maintain my fitness like the past 2 years ”- Quynh confided. However, in the mind of Hoang Quynh there is always a desire to dedicate and has never stopped, Quynh promised in April 2021 when the tournament returned, fans would see a strong and joyful Quynh “Lady”. with round ball.

“Tan Suu 2021, my goal is to have a starting position at the club, and my teammates are determined to have high results in 2021. You must play well, get back the ball feeling and play well to think. to being named in the Vietnam Women’s Team again… ”. Quynh excitedly talked about breaking his limits, with a positive outlook on the future.

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