The new Champions League will kick all Thursday, the group stage lasts until January

The basic changes in the Champions League have been preliminary revealed and will be officially approved in March.

On the morning of February 17, fans welcomed the return of the Champions League 2020-21 season with the first leg of the round of 1/8. In excitement, a new announcement was announced: This will be one of the last Champions League seasons to play in the current format.

Under the threat of clubs with the idea of ​​a European Super League, the European Football Federation (UEFA) was forced to consider reforming the Champions League. Initial ideas such as increasing the number of teams to 36, not evenly dividing the boards … were formed. Over the past few days, UEFA continued its improvement project to adapt to new circumstances, including negotiations with clubs. As revealed by Marca and COPE, there are important details for the parties to proceed with this March’s ratification. UEFA’s increase in team numbers is believed to be likely to affect national championships in terms of team numbers and schedule, but the organization said that won’t happen. UEFA will respect 3 main points including: Champions League still kicks in the middle of the week, clubs that win tickets to this big playground through the national championship, the number of teams in the tournaments remains the same.

The new Champions League format will start in 3 years and last until 2033. In the new structure of the tournament will limit the maximum number of teams (5 or 6) from one country. 4 extra spots will be distributed in the following way: 2 spots based on UEFA score coefficients, 1 spot for the national championship ranked 5th on the UEFA rankings (Ligue 1 of France) and another 1 spot for the championship. country ranked highest among underrepresented countries.

With the elimination of splitting into tables that are combined, Phase 1 will run from September to January, with each team having 10 matches. At the end of 10 innings, the 8 teams with the highest score will win tickets to the round of 16, the teams from 9 to 24 will kick the play-offs to win the remaining 8 tickets. And aside from the usual midweek matches, there will be 4 matches scheduled on Thursday.

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