Prediction for the 2020-21 season: Overthrow in the Premier League, Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1?

As predicted, the 2020-21 season will see toppings in 4 of Europe’s top 5 national championships.
The 2020-21 season in Europe is taking the first steps of the second leg. During a turbulent and difficult season, the grave witnessed many changes as well as surprises.

Accordingly, in 4 out of the top 5 national championships in the Old Continent at this time, the leading position is not the defending champions.

Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, Inter Milan and Lille are the teams holding flags in Spain, England , Italy and France respectively. Only Bayern Munich are the champions who retain their position in Germany.

However, there are still 3 months to finish the season, no one is sure about anything. Until mid-May, the new champion was officially identified, but this time, CIES Football Observatory has researched, analyzed, evaluated and predicted the final ranking.

“Prediction is calculated using a statistical model that takes into account shots on target, finishes in the box or conceding times, ability to hold the ball, as well as team and opponent’s passes. player on the opposite third of the field, “explained CIES Football Observatory.

The final prediction rankings are compared with the most recent ranking on October 10.

Accordingly, in La Liga , thanks to the great advantage in points, Atletico will be crowned after 7 years of waiting.

The champions of the 2019-20 season, Real Madrid ranked only 3. Barcelona (2nd) and Sevilla (4) won tickets to the Champions League, while Huesca, Real Valladolid, Elche were relegated.

In the Premier League , Manchester City can do the same thing Atletico thanks to the huge current advantage, regaining the throne after a year to Liverpool – the champion of the 2019-20 season “lucky” reached the Top 4 to not lose tickets. attend the Champions League.

Manchester United and Chelsea are the remaining two teams in the Top 4, while in 9th place, Jose Mouriho’s Tottenham lost tickets to the European Cup, Arsenal are only 11th.

In the Bundesliga, Bayern successfully defended the championship, not too surprisingly, but Dortmund was predicted to fall to 5, with no tickets to the Champions League.

In Serie A, the ambition to win 10 consecutive seasons, is also the first season that Andrea Pirlo as Juventus coach was dealt a heavy blow in anticipation of only finishing third.

Inter Milan is the championship team, but the race will be very fierce and the distance is very close, because AC Milan is only 2 points behind and Napoli is fourth, only 5 points behind.


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