Life, Like It Is

If you can bear a big enough “why” in your heart and soul, then how to do it could be the easiest thing in the world ultimately. Ultimately, if you love the process as well as the goal, you will really want it. Now, when I say ultimately, I mean this: Recently, I faced a crisis of faith, understanding and getting to the next level realistically. Now, do not get me wrong, growth is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it is painful and requires work for there is not any such thing as a static existence when it comes to reality, time and growth go on whatever may happen. Also, when it is time to grow, things seemingly go wrong at that point consciously and unconsciously/subconsciously, with super conscious nudges from “something more than yourself”, call it God, Higher Self, existence itself, whatever it is, when you are ready, it all nudges you to grow and get better or whatever. So, with that “why”always comes a “how” that you have to implement as adjustments in reality or “change downward” or “change upward” or even do something else realistically to change approaches to life if it does not work for you where you are or are going.

So, ultimately, life is a series of objectives and goals that need to be achieved realistically, not an end to be reached then you retire from action. If you love the whole process, great, because it is going to go on forever, even in the spirit world, next world or whatever. If you hate it, I will just simply say this: You need work, satisfying work to yourself. Because if you do not get better at living, you will get better or be left in the dust of the past. What I mean by the dust of the past is this, and it will seem a little scary at first, but if you accept it, it will ultimately help you grow: Reality to be lived in must be grown with courageously, not stomped on fearfully, even if there are a lot of things we need to do and not exactly want to do because they lead where we ultimately and genuinely want to go. Sure, I am not mincing too many words in this article about what it takes to live in reality, but how else is there to approach it all? Avoidance and stagnation are the ultimate frustration and weakness, growth is the only courage there is, so to end this article on life as it is, I simply say: Make your move. Do what is genuinely right for you and rationally think and act realistically. The choice you make now is the key to your future. The past is spent, the present is cold, hard reality, cash or whatever you want to call it now.


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