Leipzig – Liverpool: Klopp is still firm against all adversities

When his mother just died and Liverpool was in constant crisis, Klopp was still confident that he could stand on his feet before the great war against Leipzig in the Champions League.
Liverpool are in danger of being knocked out of the Top 4 Premier League.

Last week, Klopp also received shocking news when his mother passed away at home. The Kop coach who was unable to return to Germany suffered mourning because of the plague. This was the most difficult time of his life.

Facing many bad news, Klopp still received the support of Liverpool fans.

Outside the gate of Anfield, the words “Jurgen Klopp, YWNA” (roughly translated: Jurgen Klopp, he will not be alone) were hung up by the fans as encouragement for the captain of the team.

Although very touched by the fans’ affection, Klopp still made very strong statements before the great battle with Leipzig.

“I have heard a lot about Liverpool and my mother’s death. It is undeniable that everyone’s feelings for me are huge, but I don’t think I really need it at this moment.

There are many rumors that I will give up, even give up Liverpool, but the opposite is true. I don’t even need a break during this period.

Liverpool has been going through a tough 3 weeks. The way we cope with it is to act like family among all the members of the club.

I am 53 years old this year, have been involved in football for 30 years and have been coaching for 20 years. I know how to discern everything.

I can hide my own things deep inside, not show it out, especially in matches. There’s nothing out there that can affect me so you don’t need to worry.

The weather is not right recently so my hair is gray a lot and my beard is quite long. In addition, this time I slept less so my eyes were dark but everything was fine.

I am still full of energy so I can continue working. What’s happening is sometimes an interesting challenge. No one will show us how to get through this stage effectively. So please let Liverpool arrange everything on their own even though it is not easy.

Only how to fight hard and learn from day to day experiences. What happens in this season is different from previous seasons, we have to improve in order to adapt to the situation on our own.

We have enlightened many things. There are many people who are not satisfied with the current results and I will take responsibility for everything.

Many people are just asking for the end result and don’t care about the process of achieving it. We’re not like that, Liverpool still plays its own football. The players are ready at a high level and will deliver the best performance, “said Klopp.


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